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Hello and welcome to my Blog!
My name is Kelly Fedorowich and I’m on a mission to become the Fastest Woman in Canada. I’m going to achieve it by strapping into the cockpit of one of the fastest accelerating vehicles on the planet, a 10,000 horse power nitro-burning Top Fuel dragster.

Drag racing is male dominated. But I hope to inspire more women and girls to go after their dreams in motorsport, or any male dominated industry. My quest to become the fastest woman in Canada is a throwing down of the gauntlet – a challenge aimed at attracting more females to this exciting motorsport. Professional drag racing needs more female competitors and more female mentors and I’m stepping up to the plate.

This season, I’ll be out among the Alberta drag racing community talking with girls and women about drag racing and the motorsport career opportunites that exist for women in Canada. In addition to sharing your racing journey, we’ll talk about the obstacles and challenges that women face in mororsport.

Knowledge is Power. I hope you’ll join me!