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HEMI Technical Info

Dark Side Tools

  Options Price Can $
Custom Hydraulic Lifts   1500.00 each
Piston to Deck height Tool specify bore size and Height /Anodized 75.00
Piston Dome CC tool specify bore size and dimension to top of top ring 80.00
TDC - and Cam setup tool specify engine and dome height range    /Anodized 285.00
Piston Racks short-caps in tray for diver or tall with caps 275.00
Rod Cap and Bearing Tray specify engine - Hemi shown  /Anodized 180.00
Nozzle Jet or Bypass Pill Holder custom sizes available /Anodized 45.00
Oil Pan Wrench Oil Pan Wrench  -16     custom sizes available /Anodized 25.00
Wheelie Bar Tool   1/4 Pip Pin not included 25.00
Connecting Rod Vise Bench Mount or clamp in Bench Vise 220.00
Connecting Rod Inspection Tool Digital Dial Indicator Included 495.00
Valvetrain Organizer Trays Pair - 1357 and 2468  210.00

 Prices are in Canadian Dollars $ (Shipping not included)