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HEMI Technical Info

Dark Side Tools

  Options Price Can $
Custom Hydraulic Lifts   1500.00 each
Piston to Deck height Tool specify bore size and Height 75.00
Piston Dome CC tool specify bore size and dimension to top of top ring 80.00
TDC - and Cam setup tool specify engine and dome height range  325.00
Piston Racks short-caps in tray for diver or tall with caps 275.00
Rod Cap and Bearing Tray specify engine - Hemi shown  180.00
Nozzle Jet or Bypass Pill Holder custom sizes available  45.00
Oil Pan Wrench Oil Pan Wrench  -16     custom sizes available  25.00
Wheelie Bar Tool   1/4 Pip Pin not included 25.00
Connecting Rod Vise Bench Mount or clamp in Bench Vise 220.00
Connecting Rod Inspection Tool Digital Dial Indicator Included 495.00
Valvetrain Organizer Trays Pair - 1357 and 2468  285.00

 Prices are in Canadian Dollars $ (Shipping not included)

Call for pricing of anodizing (optional)