Mag/MSD Drives

A)  Intermediate shaft / bronze Gear (original Mopar style - 2 piece)
B) Veney mag drive adapter (blue) , used to strengthen and stabilize timing
C) "MAG" clamps --> common for Mallory/Msd and many Mag/Distributor drives.
D) Mallory (flexible -early ones were aluminum) Drive adapter, Note: 2 additional holes have been drilled     in plastic (rubber/silicone) for use with newer - 4 pin - drive plate E)
F) Dunn style - cloverleaf drive plate. now used in most dual and single drives.
A)  Intermediate shaft / bronze Gear / mag drive shaft 1 piece (increased stregth and timing accuracy 
     Dunn dual mag drive (using same clamp system as earlier "Mallory"-Mags), early style with narrow 
     belt (x) , later 1" belt the case (x) is aprox 2"
B) PSI mechanical rev limiter, is clamped between Mag drive (dual or single) and mag using 2 mag
C) longer Dunn style (or 2 or 4 pin Mallory style) drive plates for rev limiter.
D) Mallory style (custom made) single mag base (drive) wit mechanical Tac drive (cable)
Dunn Dual Mag Drive:
similar to above, with wider 1" belt and 2 air cylindersto turn both bases together , for 3 timing advance
 (retard) positions . controlled by "CO2" from timers, Lenco shifter buttons, electronics, or even manual
top - Mallory style drive
bottom - Dunn style (left - aluminum, right - steel)
Billet mag clamp