B/RB pistons - Rods

TRW- Mopar pistons

TRW L2295F 1067g 2.029" dome piston
TRW L2355F 872g 2.061" 4 valve reliefs
TRW L2266F 876g 1.991" no valve reliefs

Note: TRW L2295F pistons come with 225g pin
the piston weights for the 2355 and 2266 are shown without the pin. the 2295 weight is with the pin.
they all weigh about the same with the pin.
the 2295 piston is actually about 25g lighter than a std piston.
they use a 25g heavier pin to offset the difference in piston weight so they could theoretically be used without rebalancing the crank.
all the std replacement 383/440 pistons use a 225g pin. the 2295 and 2293(383 domed piston) use a 250g pin.

typical weights for .030 over bore  pistons are:
2388-819(low compression piston, C/H-1.926)


the 2293 and 2388 are no longer in the newest catalog

there is also a new addition to the 440 line up, a "LW2355", which is a coated "light weight" version of the 2355. for a .030 over bore its 818g, uses a 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 ring pack, and can use either pressed or floating pins.