Clutch Management

AFT Jet style management with air (pneumatic) control (timers) AFT Cannon (1.65" of travel)
Red air line (supply) is from Co2 bottle -150 psi
M) Main on/off switch (usually a 3 way toggle switch) -- off also "resets" system in off position by
    bleeding off all pressure in system.
C) Cannon " set" air is supplied to accumulator to force cannon (and release bearing) forward, must be
    done with  engine off or clutch pedal all of the way in , so clutch arms do not hinder the "setting" of
     the cannon. (3 way (vented), momentary switch).
F) foot - pedal switch mounted to trigger "on" when throttle pedal is all the way down. 
   ( 2 way momentary switch - Clippard MVJ-2). 
Latch) optional - but required to keep cannon moving if foot is momentarily lifted. this maybe
    replaced by logic circuits to set a second set of timmers to reset the cannon speed for a pedal lift
    required by spinning tires.  

Also don’t use a #6 line to the cannon the largest jet is a .030”
use steel brake lines (corrosion resistant and easy to bend - look nice - fire proof), also solid steel line is less spongy than rubber hose.

Similar to system above :
-- instead of jets they have been replaced with Nupro valves ( micrometer adjustable orifices.
-- the air "logic" is setup to turn only 1 valve on at a time ( system above is accumulative adding each
    jet to previous jets) 
-- accumulator is much smaller.