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Hemi / B / RB - Race Oil Systems

Race Oil Pan Information

    Optional Configurations

(1)  Wet Sump Dragsters and Door cars
(2)  FC Dry Sump Funny Car , Dragsters and Door cars.
These are not really designed to improve HP, but more so to allow for smaller oil pans and improve  clearance when a lower engine angle is desired on higher HP applications
(3)  Real - Dry Sump Door cars (these can save up to 15 HP, but come with a maze of lines fittings etc.)
(4) Modular Dry
Pro Stock ?


Keith Black
Wet Sump Cast or Billet Aluminum

Billet oil pump shown with single -16AN fitting. Although it only uses 1 line, the larger line feeds both sides externally (like its slightly heavier dual -12AN cousin) but taking less space and fewer possibilities to leak. Also shown with external filter and cooler provisions.

Cast oil pump shown with dual -12AN fitting. One suchion line is on rear of pump, the second is on front in the middle, the top (blue cap) goes to the external filter and cooler provisions the returns to the motor - bottom fitting ( cast pump only). This is the same configuration as the Milidon (original dual pick up). It also upgrades the stock butterfly gear to a reverse of same that has larger cavities per lobe - and more flow.

Original (Older cast housing ) used 2 gear sets --> 2 X .75" = 1.5"
Newer cast and all Billet housings have  gear set -->  1.375"
spring length 2.6" = 150 psi  2.4" = 100 psi


FC Dry Sump

Billet Aluminum 32 or 36 GPM


System 1
FC Dry Sump - 1.800" Alcohol 28 gpm, 2.100" Top Fuel 34 gpm
Wet Sump  - 1.800" Alcohol 28 gpm, 2.100" Top Fuel 34 gpm


Wet Sump

Stock or HV stock pump body with Milidon cover, this allows for internal and external oil pickups or 2 externaloil lines if an adaptor that bolt between pump and block is added . shown with the optional aluminum plate to mount a stock style oil filter, in an approximate stock location


True Dry Sumps
Dry Sump

90 degree drive - uses stock pump mounting position and drive shaft

Belt Driven Dry Sump Pump


Oil System- Information 

Rear Oiler