Custom Rear End

9"Ford ( information ) 8 3/4 ( information )

"Sheet" Metal housing-- actually the top stock housing is more of a sheet meatal (stamped from a lightweight sheet ), this should be called a plate steel housing.
OTE: the axle tubes extend into the center housing and are double plated to supply 2 welded walls to the axle tubes, instead of the weak "butted" attachment -- top picture

Boxing of all bendable plates, doubler plates can also be added to the bolt holes

Separate oil reservoir for Pinion Ball Bearings may be used with oil pump

MW and Strange 9" and 9.5"

Strange 12" and 12.5"

Strange 10"

Chrisman 10" and 12"

resurrecting an old housing

Lightened 20 Bolt Gear set

Used and Refurbished