Kobelco - Superchargers

Models Description
KS6S2-11 6-71 STD. Delta Blower
KS6SR2-11 6-71 STD. Redline Delta Blower
KS6S3-11 6-71 STD. -3 Delta Blower
KS8H3-11 8-71 STD. Delta Blower
KS8HR3-11 8-71 Helix Blower
KS10H3-11 10-71 Helix Blower
KS14S1-11 14-71 STD. Blower
KS14H3-11 14-71 Helix Blower
KS14HR3-11 14-71 Redline Helix Blower
KS16H3-11 16-71 Helix Blower
KS18H3-11 18-71 Helix Blower
KSSSA Snout- Short Assembly
KSLSA-12 Snout-Long Assembly

As of December 1st 2011, KOBELCO is no longer producing the Kobelco Super Charger. All inquiries for service and new sales should be directed to FOWLER ENGINES INCORPORATED.