Intake Ports

 Fuel Heads - Used for Gas, Alcohol, and Nitro (Fuel) engines
Stared with original 426 bolt pattern  alcohol engines only - 3 bolt patterns,  but common intake manifold dimensions,
16 Bolt - stock 426 bolt pattern, 2 bolt on each side of each port, uses a gasket (stock)
10 Bolt pattern - 1 bolt between each port and 1 bolt on each end ( often the bolt behind the Mag wasn't used or was actually cut off of manifold and/or head)  bolt , uses a gasket (stock), some had o-rings on intake manifold.

WAR head with 16 bolt (stock) bolt pattern, and 6 bolt pattern.
 o-rings between the old and new ( not all manifolds would seal properly.

Note: these heads are both Dart Fuel heads, just made with larger ports on bottom head ( o-rings and larger ports would interfere with end bolts if they were use ) both manifolds would fit but may interfere with o-rings
6 Bolt pattern - 1 bolt between each port , uses o-rings on Head. -  just made with larger ports and o-rings
Early Veney (FUEL) heads had there own intake bolt pattern "AND" Manifold dimensions, the head intake surface was machined at 90 deg. to the head surface .
Alcohol - Fat Heads- Brad Anderson Racing / MBE / Co-Line / NRE / Total Flow ...etc.

10 Bolt pattern - 1 bolt between each port and 1 bolt on each end. Looks like Fuel (10 bolt )
 but does NOT interchange.

Stage 4-10 --> ?
designed for  blown alcohol engines and A/Fuel - Unique intake manifold dimensions, fit most Fat Heads except "Veney"
Alcohol - Fat Heads - Ken Veney Ind.
designed for  blown alcohol engines - Unique intake manifold dimensions, But only fits  "Veney" Heads
10 bolt intake - but end bolts are 90 deg to manifold surface, and intake surface is 90 deg from head surface. (o-rings on intake manifold.)
Mopar - Steel / Iron
16 bolt intake manifold is a standard original Mopar  intake bolt pattern,


Note:  the original 16 bolt mopar intake bolt pattern "and"  the " fuel" 6 bolt patterns