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HEMI Technical Info

Clutch Cannon

Automan Cannon   --- 1.85" stroke - 5" body, 2.05" stroke - 5.5" body, 2.55" stroke --- 
 (Plastic stroke limiters can be added
A) release/throwout bearing. (different sizes -O.D. for different styles of arms)
B) Bearing collar/hub, and push tube
C) Adjustable piston. ( to set initial position of cannon moment) adjuster "ADDS" to length of piston
D) Hydraulic cylinder (shown extended)
Hartman Cannon , Lenco 1 3/4 reverser  
(rear of cannon has bolt pattern of reverser that was originally used on lenco 2-3 speed transmissions)
Input shaft to reverser (1-3/4 shown) is long enough to go threw the cannon 
AFT Cannon 1.65" stroke (2.5" - main body)
Left - .5" front plate for use on "stock" - small opening bellhousing, 2.5" body rear plate for
     reverser only small bolt pattern ( 4.275 overall length).
Right - same cannon with rear plate for lenco front case (transmission pattern), note an adapter to
     use a lenco reverser (only) on a standard (no cannon) bellhousing could be used on this cannon
AFT front plate   Left - standard bellhousing opening,   Right -- Keyhole large opening