Primary (Base) Arms

Arms are adjustable by replacing them with arms of different:
1) Radius (shape of tip) — .1.25,.156,.250
2) Ratio (Length of tip) distance from tip to fulcrum / distance to center of mass
3) width of arm ( changes weight)
4) shape of arm (width may also be stepped)
or weight may be changed by adding studs and nuts, washers to threaded hole on top
Primary arms are flat on bottom and rest on both carbide buttons in pressure plate (donut)
Red – 2 carbide buttons for primary (base) arms to enable pedal to hold donut in “neutral” position
Green – 1 carbide button for secondary (lockup) arms to add pressure to donut, and a cutout area so
the secondary arms do not interfere with “neutral” position.
Yellow – carbide buttons
Purple – recess for carbide button (missing) — also shims are installed under button to equalize arms
Note – threaded holes beside lockup arm buttons to hold in place