Starter-Engine Plate

Starter below engine, mounted to engine plate, Chrysler does not attach starters to the engine so as long as the teeth align up to ring gear it can go any where there is space for it.

Note the “pocket” usually provided for starter (on steel blocks) is used for brace on this TFX block.
but dry sump oil pan provides a spot under the engine.

Plate for converting Chevy (Mopar high torque style) racing starter to engine plate mounting
OPTIONS for starters:
A) Chevy/Ford 12 pitch Ring Gear — (Mopar Mitsubishi) high torque starter, converted (aftermarket) for use in Chevy applications –> convert it back to mid plate use, with custom made end plate, maintain the Chevy gear
B) Chrysler 10 pitch Ring Gear — stock Mopar starters (below) –> use only with Mopar stock style flywheels or converters. Mopar ring gears are welded to the converter not part of the flex plate
If using automatic (Chvey powerglide or turbo cases) the starter would be below the trans, but bellhousing (clutch cars) will require a starter pocket — shown above is NOT SFI.
Virtually all “Racing” clutches (Crower, Hays, Ram — glide/slider or pedal) or “Racing” converter applications (Lenco Glide, Bruno Drive etc.), us a Chevy ring gear on the Hemi Flywheel/flex plates