Screw Blower Info/Repairs/Upgrades

driven rotor lobe thicknessShort ShaftLong ShaftRotors (Male)
200C385 X Castno longer produced
200H385 X High speed/ Laminatedno longer produced
206B422.762″X High speed/ Laminatedno longer produced
X Billetno longer produced
210C476.483″ -.485″ XBillet
206D422.594″ -.596″X High speed/ Laminatedno longer produced
XHigh speed/ Laminated
TAD – PSI “D” 422 x 2.15 or 115% = 907.3
TAFC – PSI “D” 422 x 2.25 or 125% = 949.6
206B case – 15.75″ length, 10.2 height, rotor 13″, front shaft 3 1/8″
206D case – 17″ length, 10.3 height, rotor 2″, front shaft 4.5″ long shaft (3 1/8 Short)
Use a 0W-20 full synthetic oil. Fill gearcase with the blower on a flat level surface until oil starts to run out the lowest ( 6 o’clock ) snout mounting hole, DO NOT use the sight-glass. The sight glass is there for oil condition / inspection ONLY.

Weld Replace Inlet

Note : long Double Bearing Shafts

Quick Removable inspection – Lubing top cover
Tight blowers Must be lubed every time it is started

Short Shaft Info

short shaft single bearing Case

Long shaft double bearing Case

and of course you can get a billet version.

PSI Delamination –
Male rotor is made from many small sheets glued together and will move if stressed enough