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Static Displays


Static displays can be hosted at your place of business, trade shows or car shows. They are an ideal way to show your customers and employees that you care about them and make them feel appreciated. Loyal customers spend more, provide more word of mouth promotion and visit more often. Loyal employees create the value you need to keep the customers coming back.
Dark Side Racing provides the first line of contact at our displays and our focus is always on the fan experience. Our displays give us the unique opportunity to interact and converse with our community and we recognize our influence. Drag racing fans – our fans – are fiercely supportive and they are known to remain loyal to the products represented on race team vehicles.
Our static displays offer you the freedom to collaborate with us or let us take the lead and organize everything you need to ensure the event is a success. From branded vertical signage, brochures and giveaways we’ll ensure you get noticed.
social media is another way Dark Side Racing effectively engages with your customers to increase brand recognition and improve brand loyalty.
Effective social media engagement lengthens the lifespan of a campaign and keeps your brand top-of-mind longer. Photos create buzz for those who did not attend the event, and builds excitement for the next one!