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Our Prices Can’t Be Beat
Specials Now In Effect:

April 7 thru April 13,  2003

Experience the touch; the smell; the taste of  Dark Side Creations.

We manufacture fantasies in rubber! 

And Remember:  All of our prices are listed in Canadian dollars.

Check out these Savings:
Here are the Specials for April 7 thru April 13, 2003
Orders placed via our On Line Order Form, phone or email will be reduced by a Dark Side customer service representative. 
You will be emailed an order confirmation, which will reflect the discounted price.

Scroll down and read our note to our Customers

*Dark Side featuring our Red, White & Blue Sale 
Receive a 25% Discount on any item(s) ordered in Red, White or Blue
Any style; any size
Overthick, Ultra Sheer & Standard Thickness
Inflatable designs are included in this sale.
Additional charges will apply for XXL+ sizes. 
This sale cannot be used in conjunction with any other Dark Side sale or discount coupon.
“Just Encase" Liquid Latex is not included in our weekly sale 

No extensions will be granted; No late orders will be accepted.

To Our Valued Customers
Many exciting developments have taken place within Dark Side and we felt the time had come to share these advancements with our customers.

Eighteen months ago, Dark Side completely revamped our manufacturing process – quite likely making us the most unique rubber-clothing manufacturer in the world. 

Read on, and you will also get some insight into how YOUR Dark Side Creation will be manufactured.

Every Design Starts From A Liquid:
Dark Side now mixes our latex In-House. What this means is that we purchase our rubber in a virgin state, and add the curing agents right here in our Calgary shop. In fact, the formula that we utilize has been created specifically for Dark Side Creations. 
*We sell our liquid latex under the name “Just Encase” Liquid Latex and it is available in 8 exciting colors (plus metallic). 

Every Design is CUSTOM Made:
Dark Side has developed a system for custom made-by-hand templates that produce garments custom made to your exact body measurements. We maintain these templates indefinitely and are happy to perform any modifications that you may desire – for years to come. This allows YOU to truly have a part in creating your ultimate fetish/fantasy rubber creation.

Still No Gluing:
Dark Side does not use any glue.  Every design that we manufacture is made from 100% Pure Liquid Latex.

At Dark Side Creations our goal is to establish a life long relationship with every one of our customers. Your input is what allows us to improve the quality and fit of our designs. 

Thank You All!

Check out these hot designs: 

Pictured Above:
Dark Side’s Double Layer Zipper Hood

Pictured Above:
Night Gown
(Pricing information is available in our "Intimates" Section)


Pictured Above:
Black Re-Breather Hood

Pictured Above:
Semi-Transparent Dress
with Loose Sleeves, gloves and XLarge Hood

Inflatable Question:
Are you aware that ANY item in our product line can 
be manufactured into an Inflatable?
Just contact Dark Side for your quote.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Overthick Question:
Are you aware that ANY item in our product line can 
be manufactured Overthick?
Just contact Dark Side for your quote.  

Click on the "Latex Products & Prices" Button located at the top of this screen to utilize our On-Line Order Form.  
Or, click here to email your order or questions directly to a Dark Side representative.  

*Please remember that you can email your order by using the product name or description.  The product number code is not necessary for email orders.


"With prices this low, isn’t it time you created your Fantasy Latex Creation?"

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If ordering through our handy "On Line Order Form", our Processing Department will adjust the prices to reflect the Sale Price.
REMEMBER: Custom orders are our specialty. Contact Dark Side for your custom quote.
**Dark Side Creations invites you to shop around and compare. We are the only manufacturer of molded latex rubber clothing in North America. Our prices and quality workmanship cannot be surpassed!

Note to American Credit Card Purchasers:
The current conversion rate is approximately 1.56
In other words, divide the Canadian total by 1.56 to determine the total in US dollars.
EXAMPLE: If your purchase totals $400.00, you divide 400 by 1.56.
400/1.56 = 256.41 US
US credit card customers would pay only $256.41 for a Dark Side Creations purchase valued at $400.00 Canadian.
Note: Your financial institution will determine the exact exchange rate.

Attention U.S. Check or Money Order Customers: When sending funds via snail mail, divide Canadian total by 1.3 to determine the amount to send in U.S. dollars


Check Back Often – Dark Side will feature a new special every week.

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