B/RB Mopar Blocks

Block Information …… Note:
Hemi blocks can be used as 440 style cores ( or vise versa )with modifications , but the results are always less desirable than using correct when available example: 400 ci stock blocks were used for small destroked hemi engines before castings were available to shorten decks ( B to RB is .750″ )
Stock Block Casting / Serial Numbers



• Brand-new castings made from high nickel alloy cast iron
• Thicker deck surface for improved rigidity and gasket sealing
• Ductile iron main caps which are cross-bolted on the 3 center caps on all the Siamese 440 blocks
• Stock 10.72″ deck height
A. Cast Iron Siamese-Bore Blocks
These blocks can be bored to the stock size of 4.25″, but are specifically designed to be bored larger. Mopar recommends that you sonic check each block if you approach or exceed the 4.50″ bore diameters.
*P5007625AB 440 Big Block Cast Iron Siamese Cross-Bolt Block- Rough Bored at 4.50″
*P5007626AB 440 Big Block Cast Iron Siamese Cross-Bolt Block- Raised Cam, Rough Bored at 4.498″
*P5007624AB 440 Big Block Cast Iron Siamese Cross-Bolt Block- Rough Bored at 4.19″

Note: P5007626AB Requires special UGL cam P5007714, special oil pickup, and intermediate shaft modifications. Higher cam location allows (0.250″ higher) longer stroke for more cubic inch displacement up to 4.50″ stroke. Some clearancing of the pan rail and other areas will be required.

Cast Iron Wedge Blocks
Wedge Blocks feature factory-size bores, water flow between the cylinders (not siamesed) for improved cooling and sealing durability. These blocks are fully water-jacketed.
*P5007671AB 426 Max Wedge Cast Iron Block- 2-Bolt Mains, Finish Bored at 4.25″
*P5007815AB NEW! 440 Wedge Cast Iron Block- 2- Bolt Mains, Finish Bored at 4.32″

Kieth Black / TFX / AJPE / BAE
Can all be ordered or modified without the stud top hole for Hemi studs and a 440 style added
Billet main caps and 5/8 main studs
Head studs 1/2 , 9/16 or 9/16 stepped to 1/2
Lifter bore centers from 1.800(std) to
Lifter bore .904 (std), 1″
Std cam location, +.250 raised cam location
Std cam diameter , large diameter ( ) , 60 mm
Main journals 2.750″ (std) or 3″
HEMI Block information