Ignition Timing

Top Fuel

Green-> RPM, Yellow ->Drive shaft, Red -> Timing advance (Sample Run )
TAFC (power grid)

Red-> RPM, Green ->Drive shaft, Blue -> Timing advance (Sample Run )
Mechanical Advance:

MSD 6 shooter(s)

MSD Pro Mag Digital Timing Control -> 8971 – TF, (funny car – 2)

MSD Power Grid Pro Mag Digital Timing Control -> 8771
The Power Grid takes the place of the MSD Pro Mag Digital Timing Control and Graphic Editor, which was a bit cumbersome with an outdated hand-held touchscreen display. Those timing controls were implemented midway through the previous decade in response to escalating speeds and a couple of high-profile fatalities on the track. All of the timing controls familiar to the crew chiefs will carry over to the Power Grid along with more precision and flexibility. Now the ignition timing can be set with a wireless tablet or hooked up to a PC.

Alcohol Systems:
Same as above only made for 1 Mag and not limited in MAX RPM. Top Fuel Systems are Limited by NHRA

Power grid USB cables Top Fuel (grey box) = Mini Usb,and Bluetooth

Alky-others (red box) = Micro USB