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Dark Side Racing  Introduction

The diverse marketing opportunities outline in the following pages will illustrate the huge impact of motorsports team marketing. We will stand alone as Canada’s sole Top Fuel representative.And, realizing that competitive Drag Racing coverage is available in almost every home in Alberta, we will position ourselves to become the “Home-Town Heroes”.Our marketing assault will focus on the local Alberta marketplace; our goal will be to make Team Dark Side the most recognizable of all Canadian drag racing teams.

  • Local Alberta racetracks will provide an ideal setting in which to showcase a competitive Top Fuel racing team and create team spirit. 
  • NHRA  (drag racing sanctioning body) has expanded their televised racing coverage to include Canadian based TSN.  This partnering will expand NHRA’s already immense viewing audience (68 million).  NHRA’s 24 national events will also be televised nationally on ESPN and ESPN2.
  • IHRA (drag racing sanctioning body) will continue its’ partnership with TNN for 2003. This means that each of IHRA’s 12 National Events will receive comprehensive television coverage –including their 3 Canadian National Events.

David and Kelly Fedorowich come with the one thing that no 
other Canadian Top Fuel racing team can offer – experience.
They traveled the circuit full time and played with the Big Boys.
A collection of our time proven advertising strategies have been catalogued in the following pages:


Dark Side Racing Racing and Non-Racing Promotions 


    Novelty items should be included as part of Team Dark Side’s marketing strategy. Time and time again, novelty merchandising has proven to be an effective marketing tool.
    Team Dark Side T-Shirts; Posters; Hat Pins; Team Photos; Pens; etc.
    These items encourage team spirit, and cements team loyalty to the masses.
    Serve as an important link to the news media and to the masses. Press Releases will be distributed routinely to key media figures in radio, print and television. Press Releases will provide an up to date recounting of Team Dark Side activities, notify the media of upcoming team endeavors, and encourage participation from the communities we visit
    Media personalities possess a unique attraction value, and will be invited to join Team Dark Side at our scheduled appearance dates By appealing to both racing enthusiasts and the general public, we will ensure that Team Dark Side is presented to a universal audience.
    In addition to chronicling Team Dark Side activities and accomplishments, each newsletter will designate a sizeable segment to highlight sponsorrecognition and appreciation.Your employees will be invited to contribute to the publications. Ideally, newsletters will be distributed between four and six times annually to both Corporate and Associate team sponsors and members of the media. Newsletters will also be circulated at our scheduled races and displays.
    At your request, we will distribute your Corporate Newsletter to the spectators at our many yearly functions. Corporate Newsletter will serve to heighten awareness of your corporate identity.
    In our bid to achieve massive public recognition for Team Dark Side, we will generate a maximum of fanfare at each stop on our itinerary. Personal interviews assist us in reaching this goal. Interviews will be granted to all levels of media – television, radio and print. 
    Your executive officers will be invited to visit Team Dark Side at our many scheduled stops. An area adjacent to the trailer can be outfitted to provide your company officials with a comfortable, and private, gathering spot.
    Executives and employees who want to get in on the action will be encouraged to role up their sleeves and lend a hand with the wrenching duties on the Team Dark Side Top Fuel Dragster. 
    We have long lived by the adage that A Family that Races Together Stays Together David and Kelly firmly believe that building team spirit and loyalty among your employees should factor strongly into our long term advertising strategies.
Point of Interest 

Joyce Julius reaffirms, “Automotive Sponsorship WORKS!” 

While Joyce Julius and Associates measures the value for the sponsor as compared with equal time on TV commercials, she points to an example of her earlier days working at Domino’s. In 1982, when people nationwide were asked to name the top three pizza distributers, Domino’s was only named by 7% of those who responded. This type of survey, where people are asked to name the top three of something with no help from the interviewer is called unaided awareness. Their unaided awareness was 7%. Domino’s was known on college campuses but never had a nationwide advertising campaign. In 1982, Domino’s took their entire national advertising budget, which was still small, and bought an Indy Car instead. They used the money to put the Domino’s logo on the car; they sponsored races and established a mobile pizza store that appeared at the races. Three years later, Domino’s unaided awareness was 87%. This increase occured without ever buying a single ad. 

Now that’s exposure!


    Used to highlight the your corporate identity, these displays will be set up at your Corporate Head Office, Trade Shows, Franchise Exhibitions, etc.

    Business displays are arranged at your various distributor business sites. They are effective in generating public interest and attracting new customers into the stores.

    Team Dark Side’s high profile can be used to draw attention to non-profit charity functions.

    Team Dark Side display sites will be chosen to coincide with your advertising market. Examples include Car Show; Mall Displays; Trade Shows; Carnivals; Parades; etc.

    Staged at your place of business, raffles will encourage customer and employee participation and serve as effective morale boosters.  Suggested Raffle Option Raffle winner will accompany Team Dark Side to a pre-determined racing event and assume the role of “Honorary Crew Person”. 


    High Schools 

    Level I 

    Displays and lectures will be arranged at designated high schools and community colleges throughout Alberta. In addition to promoting you, interaction will aim at helping students realizing that, with hard work and dedication, they can make their dreams a reality. 

    Level II

     Level II interaction will see Team Dark Side develop a working relationship with students enrolled in high school and community college Automotive Shops Courses. Team Dark Side will attend classes on weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals. Hands-on assistance, as well as informal question and answer periods, will be incorporated into each visit. Topics can range from high performance engine building techniques to the dangers of drag racing on city streets.

     Level III 

    A comprehensive, after school learning environment will be instituted at an local high school or community college. The program will delve into the high performance racing industry and will be open to all interested parties – school faculty included.

     Level IV 

    Team Dark Side will implement a high school/community college drag racing series. Emphasis will be placed on participation, so ALL students will be encouraged to join the competition. Students who do not own a vehicle, or those who simply do not want to take part in the drag racing competition will be encouraged to join us at the racetrack and become active members of the cheering squad.


    Racing Mechanics Course 

    Participants will refine their engine building skills to meet with today’s highly technical standards. 

    Driving Course

    Students will attempt to pilot a racecar down the often tricky ¼ mile drag strip. Top Alcohol Dragsters and Funny Cars will reach average speeds of 200 MPH. Top Fuel Dragsters and Fuel Funny Cars will reach average speeds of 250 MPH. 

    Computer Aided Racing (CAR) 

    This course will investigate the foundations of Computer Data Acquisition and Manipulation. It is a very advanced, and highly technical course.


    Our lectures can cover any number of race related topics. 

  • Charity Interaction 
    "A child abuse prevention theme had been incorporated into our prior racing endeavors. Local prevention agencies were asked to outfit our team with their child abuse prevention literature. This included items such as hand-outs, pamphlets, and distress phone numbers. On behalf of Manitoba’s “Fight Back Against Child Abuse” Campaign, our team distributed prevention literature to the crowds attending our scheduled racing events. 


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