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Welcome To The Official Site of
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Dark Side Racing
Dark Side Racing embodies the standard by which Top Fuel  Racing Teams are measured and exhibits a level of professionalism and dedication that is second to none.  

“In the scheme of life, where do you sit?”

YOU belong fastest accelerating seat in Canada!

We think you will agree.

Motorsports team marketing works.  It’s where North America’s corporate 500’s go to actualize their marketing goals.  Automobile team sponsorship is so persuasive that it not only shapes perceptions, it can also create them.  In return for corporate sponsorship, Dark Side Racing will create a momentum that not only increases your corporate visibility, it will serve to enhance the up-market value of your Corporate name.  As Canada’s premier Top Fuel Racing operation, our marketing assault will position you at the upper end of the marketing spectrum. 

Loyal employees generate loyal customers! 

Earning and maintaining employee loyalty can be challenging, but it is necessary.  Employees are the lifeblood of a company, and their attitudes affect your bottom line.  Corporate involvement with Dark Side Racing will unite your workforce in an exhilarating endeavor that reaches far beyond the corporate office.  Employee loyalties will intensify, linking them as members of "Team YOUR CORPORATE NAME" both at and away from the office. 

Let’s Meet! 

In return for corporate sponsorship, YOU will receive the combined benefit of a sustained and targeted year round marketing campaign geared to delivering precisely the right profile, message and audience. 

We propose a meeting in which to delineate your marketing activities and discuss in detail how corporate sponsorship of Dark Side Racing will complement and impact your marketing strategy.  

Dark Side Racing
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