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HEMI Technical Info

ALL Valve ( Don Jackson - ALL in one valve )

"All" Valve is all 3 common control valves for a (nitro) fuel management system - in one

Also required is the Management System - a computerized air regulator :

A Enrichment :
Black nut on top of all valve - simply delays opening of valve by adding pressure to spring - causing flow spike
   NOTE: this is very dependent on the pump pressure on the inlet to the Barrell Valve. Set by your idle check valves, and the size of your fuel pump

B initial Gap:
Space on top of All Valve - acts like a main jet until air from regulator (ALL - Pres/Reg) exceeds 40 psi (on 80 gal pump below (dependent on pump)), then starts to close just like a slide valve - until reaching max set pressure then starts acting like a BDK (pressure regulator) lean out.

Pump Gap Area  CC/Turn Gal / 8000 rpm
Big Show  (DJ) .250 .435  sq"  ???    
80 Gal       (DSR) .180 .400  sq" 24.5 51.8
105 Gal     (DSR) .270 .400  sq" 25.6 54.1
A/F with small pump (DJ) .180      
A/F with big pump     (DJ) .200      


CC/turn = the amount of fuel going in the motor
ALL - Pres/Reg = the air pressure at ( C air line to ALL Valve )
Aprox-> 3 to 1 ratio of fuel pressure/Co2 pressure + 125 initial spring pressure
Fuel Pres = pressure of fuel lines going into motor
Note - fuel pump to small = the fuel pressure should continue climbing but the fuel pump reached max flow (need bigger pump) ,
 cc/turn also flat.