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October Update


We have been keeping busy through the year enhancing our production line, here is a look back at what we made and what we are capable of doing.

Here is a teaser of what we have done over the year.

Blower Penetrating Gel Lube W/ Teflon


Prizm Penetrating Lubricant spray with Teflon is a formulated gel lube that is sprayed into your roots supercharger. The specially formulated gel adheres to the rotors and creates a tighter tolerance, thus resulting in higher efficiency and increased boost. Due to Prizm’s high molecular weight and resistance to extreme temperatures it will hold up to Gasoline as well as Alcohol and Nitromethane. $20.00 / per can
**Prizm Penetrating Lubricant spray with Teflon ships UPS Ground or Bus Only**

available in person in Calgary or at Castrol raceway in Edmonton