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HEMI Technical Info

Cast In Place Seat

Cast In Place Seat with Upholstery
This is an example of a two part poured seat: rigid foam was first poured to provide upward lift, the second pour was flexible foam which confirms to the body to minimize movement during impact.
Note: As per NHRA requirements, the entire seat has been upholstered with Nomex.
Dark Side offers an in house cast in place seat service. Or, call for kit pricing if you're interested in doing it yourself.


NHRA Technical Department released the 2013 to 2014 Rule Amendments

The NHRA Technical Department released the 2013 to 2014 Rule Amendments. These amendments document the NHRA rule changes that will come into effect beginning January 1, 2014. A few additional rule changes will be announced before the end of the year.. The entire 2014 NHRA Rulebook will be available online to NHRA members on December 2nd .

Warm Up

Making some serious noise!
On Sunday Sept 8th, the Dark Side Racing/Harley Davidson of Calgary Team took advantage of the warm Calgary weather and headed out to make some noise.  It was our inaugural fire up and it came exactly 2 years - to the day - of our purchasing the Top Fuel dragster chassis.  Everything went as smooth as silk.