Custom Hydraulic Lifts

Custom sizes, Powder/chrome available - call 403-547-6691

Custom NOMEX Seat Insert

Hot August Nights

Edmonton Castrol Raceway

Tig welding small parts

Need to repair some hard to find small components........ 94 AMG Benz shifter button  1 piece was lost,
welding in mid air.....


Wheelie Bar Update

Convert your wheelie bar to a quick adjustment ( with locking collar)

Cast In Place Seat

Cast In Place Seat with Upholstery
This is an example of a two part poured seat: rigid foam was first poured to provide upward lift, the second pour was flexible foam which confirms to the body to minimize movement during impact.
Note: As per NHRA requirements, the entire seat has been upholstered with Nomex.
Dark Side offers an in house cast in place seat service. Or, call for kit pricing if you're interested in doing it yourself.


Front Engine Dragster - For Sale

Shuken Racing Fabrication - 225" F.E.D.
with/without 500" TFX/BAE Nostalgia motor